I’ve been thinking…

Being a misanthrope, for a long time now I’ve attempted to create art that doesn’t involve people. I did put a couple of figures in my rework of Leigh van der Byl’s workshop a while back, but that’s it. However most of the workshops and courses I’m attracted to involve some degree of storytelling, and that requires a protagonist, usually a person. So perhaps I need to change.

I’m not a good character artist, either in 2D or 3D. However there is a solution. Ten years ago David Revoy produced a course for Blender called Blend and Paint, which basically described a 3D + 2D paintover approach. His figures tended to be basic human characters which had little detail but were posable, which he then painted over to make them more interesting. I think I’ll follow this approach. I’ve recently purchased an addon for Blender that makes it easy to add characters to scenes. And now I’m about to review all my Udemy courses on digital painting. So, telling stories with Blend and Paint. Way to go.

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