Motion Graphics

I’ve bought a course on Motion Graphics in Blender for a Black Friday price (i.e. cheap). Not so much interested in animated loops but the style is fairly consistent with the recent stuff I’ve been trying to do, and selecting a frame from an animation can sometimes give a good composition that you wouldn’t otherwise have found. I’ve done a couple of this guy’s (Ducky3D) tutorials on YT and I like most of his stuff. So here’s a very simple example showing how to set up a seamless loop. I’ve already used the diplaced wireframe emitter elsewhere, namely the image I’m currently using as my desktop background.


This is from another YT tutorial, and I really like this effect. It uses a volumetric shader and various noise textures to create brightness, colour, and distortions. I can see a lot of potential for this technique.

And here’s another abstract, from another YT tutorial. This one is quite interesting also.

And another.

Another Abstract

This from a tutorial on YT. This uses a wave texture on a tube (extended, subdivided cube) which is following a distorted curve. I’ve seen another that uses an ObjectInfo node/Random output to select a colour from a colour ramp to give random colours to individual objects. Must try that one as well.

Another Wallpaper

This is from a recent Udemy course on creating wallpapers with 3D software. I’m getting more practice with geometry nodes. I read somewhere (in relation to drawing) that one had to do a hundred bad drawings before starting to produce good ones. In my case it might be a thousand, but here’s another one out of the way at least. I’m actually very happy that I’ve managed to get past a creative block that’s been plaguing me for the past month or two.


I’ve found a couple of short Udemy courses on making wallpaper-type images. This is approximately one of them, but made in Blender rather than Cinema4D which the tutor used. Good to pick up a couple of techniques, mostly using the Curve modifier in this case.

I’m trying to create illustration type images rather than realistic environments, and also I want to start simple and build up my ideas and complexity gradually. This one was pretty easy I must admit.

And here’s another, a very popular style of abstract with flowing blue thingies.


It’s taken a while but I’m finally starting to get into the latest LearnSquared course, on HUD design. So here’s a simple reticle component, created in Inkscape. I’m starting to get the hang of Inkscape.