Something New

This probably doesn’t look very different from other recent work, but there are a few new features. One is that I didn’t use an HDRI for the sky, just the inbuilt sky texture. Also, I’ve used alphas for the clouds, render a lot faster than using any kind of volumetric cloud, while giving more control than an HDRI would.

The rock is a sculpting following the technique of Julien deVille. These are all insances of the same rock. I added a bit of grunge over the top in Krita after rendering – they were all a bit too squeeky clean. I’m going for a more stylized look following Tyler Smith’s tutorial on LearnSquared. He’s working with Unreal and I must admit just being able to paint on foliage and small rocks (like I could in Vue) is a very appealing workflow. Maybe I should start using Unreal for rendering!

I tried using Eevee for rendering but it was very slow. Cycles was actually faster, and that wasn’t even e-cycles. I must give that a go and see if it’s much faster.

In the spirit of keeping it more like an illustration I’ve upped the saturation a bit on the grass. I think it does give it a bit more punch. I noticed that Tyler Smith, in that LearnSquared course, spent a lot of time tweaking his colours.

And here’s the result of a couple more hours tweaking.

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