Environment Design

I really like the work of Maverick on YT, demonstrating environment design in Unreal Engine. He creates some beautiful images. Like many such artists though he is using pre-made assets. He generally credits the source of any unusual assets he is using in a project. I remember from when I was using Unity that one simply imported asset packs and then dragged items into the workspace.

I’ve bought a few asset packs from Kitbash3D and am re-exploring them so get a feel for what I’ve actually got. Any kit from them is huge, with dozens of individual assets each made from many different objects, and I find it necessary to break each one out into it’s own file to make it easy to append to any project. It’s quite a lot of work though. Anyway here are a couple of images, from two different kits. I might not create any of the assets in these images but finding a good composition and lighting is quite challenging.

Actually there is already a lot of composition in the last two – that’s just how they were in the kit. My only contribution was lighting, camera angle, and a plane to put everything on. Still, good fun.

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