More Terragen


Starting to come to grips with Terragen. I like the terrain fractal and cloud fractal better than the Vue equivalents. However it I mostly create my terrains in World Machine that won’t be very significant. Except the clouds of course.

Terragen is pretty different from most other software I’ve used. Not sure how to even move something in the viewport. I guess a few more tutorials will clear that up. Someone on YT was complaining about the lack of adequate documentation and tutorials for Terragen.



So I decided to have a look at Terragen. Vladimir says it has a more realistic renderer than Vue. Here’s the default scene rendered with default settings. One gets his tutorials with the software. Looking at them now.

Staging Area


It’s common in making a game to have a staging area to start in. Usually some fairly enclosed space that offers few choices for action. So instead of my usual open world I’ve created something a little more constrained here.