This is a classic steelyared composition, although not otherwise very interesting. I’m reading through the calalogue of compositional schemes in Edgar Payne’s book and trying out each one.


So, I made a fundamental mistake with this image. The whole point of the steelyard scheme is that the fulcrum is closer to the larger mass, not the smaller! Like a lever. Small mass x long distance = large mass x small distance. And I did it the other way. What an idiot. Here’s a corrected version, with added detail for interest. Plus I swapped out the farmhouse for a cottage because I was getting strange artefacts in the wall texture that I couldn’t get rid of.


The sky is a bit boring, so I swapped out the stratus for some strato-cumulus with volumetric shadows, as recommended by Drea Horvath. Plus I painted some grass onto the global ecosystem for a bit of added detail.


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