Simple Scene


So here’s the new approach. Proof of concept, as usual. Terrain generated in World Machine. Vue’s terrain sculpting is still terrible. I tried both 1k and 4k maps but it didn’t make much difference except the time it took to build. Maybe 2k would work here. The image is about 2k wide and the terrain just about fills the width. I can’t use OpenEXR with Vue, and it did give me terrific detail in Blender. I guess I can just export the mesh from Blender if I really need that. Or export the mesh from World Machine.

I fiddled around with the material for the mountain, using a deposit map I also exported out of WM. It worked OK, you just need the right settings – Object Parametric mapping, with flat top down projection of the alpha map, plus enable global transparency for the material. The clouds are a lot easier to do than in Blender. I much prefer having some variety in cloud layers.

I can’t use my previously purchased assets yet, I need to get some kind of code from E-on to unlock them. However the assets I’ve used here were in the library by default, plus a BlendSwap cottage.


Silly me, I just realized why using the 4k map didn’t make much difference – I neglected to increase the resolution of the terrain! However having done that there is a significant difference in detail and I’ve taken a closer up shot here to show that. Also makes more of the cloud layers than the previous image.

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