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So, I whipped up this little scene in Vue, using a heightmap I had exported from WM for another project, and some basic grass, plus an preset atmosphere.

There has been very little interest in my work on BA. Also I’m not very satisfied with skies in Blender, and most of my work is landscape still, which I think I’ll stick with. I contacted the creator of RealSky about artefacts in clouds and he said that they were more interested in light than clouds, and probably wouldn’t be addressing that any time soon. HDRI skies are OK, but lack some impact. I guess Vue still has the best atmosphere engine around, and that is important for me.

I haven’t been doing any CG work lately, been concentrating on my music instead, but perhaps the time is coming when I can do both. I’m very inspired by the beautiful cloudscapes I see out my back window nearly every day. My Vue licence was about to expire, and I decided to renew it. Not sure where to post my work if I’m not using Blender much, ArtStation maybe. Or back to DeviantArt.

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