This is about as simple as it gets. In WM used a basic noise with a simple polygon as mask input, plus some thermal erosion. Material in Blender is just blue for the rock and brown for the talus with a bit of noise for bump, although the height map already had more than enough bump in it, but a bit too regular. I did comp in the cloud layer, which I got from PhotoBash.

Someone did ask me on BA how I made my terrains, so there are now a couple more posts than views. I might have to wait quite a while to post again if I want to keep them in sync. I got a few likes too. Mustn’t let it go to my head.

I tried same scene with a different seed in the noise generator, and edited the tree materials a bit. Plus found an HDRI with clouds I like.


And here’s another take, from the same basis.


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