Mountain Range


This is from a Udemy course on creating a mountain range in World Machine. Basically a whole lot of radial gradients laid out to suit. Could be useful for some applications, especially for background mountains.

It also gave me an opportunity to solve a problem that I’ve had for a while, namely how to paint materials as one can do in Unity. To do this I had to apply all my modifiers (subdivision and displacement) and use texture paint. By setting the shader to emission I could paint a black and white mask directly on the terrain fairly well, as the talus in this image. Not quite perfect but I can easily go back and fix it. Then I used that image as factor to a mix shader to separate rock and dirt. The viewport was surprisingly repsonsive given the four million polys I was working on. I’ve had a lot of problems with texture painting in the past but this time it just seemed to work. I don’t know what I did differently. I must try a splat map sometime. There’s a separate RGB node that I could use for different textures.

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