The number of views of my sketchbook thread on BA went up by another digit, so I spent a bit of time this morning producing something to upload. I’m mostly doing tutorials at the moment, and not producing much, so I guess it was good to have some incentive to actually produce something.

My workflow for these images is pretty settled now. Create terrain in WM and export 4k maps, an OpenEXR for the height and 16bit pngs for things like deposit, wear, maybe talus if I have thermal erosion. The maps (other than height) generally need some levels/threshold adjustment in Krita. Then create terrain in Blender, scale up a bit. and use the maps with adaptive subdivision for the height and various rock/soil/grass materials for the materials.

I’ve gone back to using HDRIs for the lighting. I might use RealSky for some images but it’s slow and apparently clouds are not it’s main focus, according to the developer.  I’ve downloaded some cloud alphas from Photobash.  Haven’t used them yet but they might be a good solution. Matching lighting might be a problem. I guess I could render cloudscapes out of Vue with similar lighting and perspective to my Blender scene.

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