Snow Mountain


This is from a tutorial by Vladimir Chopine, using World Machine and Vue. I’ve used his height map and did it in Blender. Vue certainly has the edge when it comes to clouds. Vladimir demonstrated mastery of post processing. He took his Vue render and worked it over in Photomatix for some tone-mapping and Photoshop for extensive pp work. He is a professional photographer after all. It certainly explains why he manages to make the most of his images. Mine always look a little flat by comparison.

Nonetheless I’m really happy  with the progress I’ve made since I got back into CG seriously. It suggests that if I keep putting in the time and effort I will eventually reach a good level.

There appears to be no interest in my work on BA. I’ve already posted a couple more than the view number, so I guess that idea is going out the window. So why post there at all? I guess since so few people are doing landscape imagery it’s good to have it represented on the site even if most people aren’t interested. Representation – seems it’s a dirty word these days.

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