Jagged Rocks


Looking for detail, this is a WM terrain that I exported (height map) as a 2k OpenEXR file. I used adaptive subdivision on the plane and this is the result. I also tried a 4k map but could hardly see the difference. Maybe slightly sharper detail.

I’m still looking for a good rock material. This one is not too bad. Picked the colours from a photo of a cliff, added in some HSL variation using a Musgrave texture, and also used the colour ramp for bump. It’s a bit too uniform still. Maybe I could pull out a few other maps from WM, such as slope, to use for material distribution. I didn’t want to add erosion here because I wanted to keep the sharpness of the rocks.


So I did some more work on this. I pulled a map for the slope and made steeper slopes less rough. Also did add some erosion and pulled a deposit map to add a touch of green where soil would build up. Not too much. I think it looks better, just a bit less flat.


And here’s a different point of view, with a bit more tweaking. Fairly happy  with this.

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