Rocky Landscape


I’m slowly getting more familiar with World Machine. The scaling function inside the Advanced Perlin generator works in a strange way. Scaling down results in a scale on X and Y but not on Z (up), which is rarely the intended effect. One has to independently scale the height. I’ve found just using a clamp filter is the quickest way to do this.

I’ve used a deposit map from the Erosion filter to distribute materials here. That snowy mountain material from MaterialGuru course is proving very handy, except using maps for material distribution and swapping out the snow for whatever second material is appropriate. In this case I just changed the colour to green to get a bit of vegetation.

The image above was rendered using an HDRI for lighting. I did it again using the RealSky addon with clouds and mist, and a couple of background terrains to match what’s in the HDRI (approximately). I think I prefer the second version.


I have a little conceit (is that the right word?) going on BA. I’ve decided to keep the number of posts in sync with the number of views. At the moment it’s 182 posts and 18.5k views. Views go up every 100 (0.1k), so once I reach 185 posts I’ll add a new post for every increase in views. I guess it’s just a way for me to pretend I’ve got some sort of control over the process of interaction with my work. Mind you, the work I’m actually doing now really is just sketchbook stuff, trying things out, so not surprising there’s so little interest. Nonetheless interest in environment stuff does seem to be pretty low on BA.

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