Alpine Lake


I’m working through the Material Guru course on Udemy again. Last time I didn’t get very far but this time I’m getting into it a lot better, learning quite a lot, and expect to complete it in the next week or two.

I think I’ve finally achieved the critical mass of knowledge necessary so that new stuff falls into place fairly well, instead of it all being a confusing mess. I may even be able to analyze complex node networks with a bit more practice.

The scene above uses a material from the course for a snow mountain, and specifically how to place snow in the right places, but I altered it quite a bit and have applied it to a landscape I created in World Machine for a previous image. Plus the HDRI was one I rendered out of Vue some time back.


I did some tweaking. The edge of the lake was a bit too hard for snow, so I sculpted it a bit. Also sculpted a couple of features that were looking a bit too similar. Altered the distribution of snow on the peaks. Plus a bit of colour correction and some glare in the compositor.

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