I’ve decided to spend more time learning procedural textures/materials in Blender. Finding good materials for the landscapes I’ve been doing lately has proved difficult, especially large rock areas. I’ve decided to go with procedural textures in Blender primarily because they don’t involve tiling. Image textures (photos) must be tiled, and procedural textures from Substance Designer are produced as tilable image textures too. No doubt image textures are fine for small elements, even buildings, but for terrain elements they’re problematic.

The above images come from a tutorial on Udemy, how to create and distribute smudges. I”ve shown two objects (rounded cubes) because by using the Object Info node I can shift the position of the texture according to the position of the object it’s on so they don’t look the same. A bit like World Coordinate mapping in Vue. I’ll have to find a use for this material. The tutorial actually involved some really useful techniques.

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