This grass is slowing my computer right down . No wonder the thread on BA about Blender’s viewport performance is so long. At one point I couldn’t even change from one tab to another. Just lots of spinning wheels, then nothing. Perhaps it’s not only Blender. I did a turorial for 3ds Max recently which had lot’s of trees, and he routinely diplayed them as bounding box only while working in the viewport. Maybe I should do the same. At least I can disable a particle system from showing in the viewport at all if necessary.

The trees are Flame of the Forest from my xfrog library. It has bright red flowers but not in the models I’ve used here. I’m slowly ‘blenderizing’ the collection. Still got a few issues to work out. I can’t actually spread these around as a particle system because each tree is not a single object. I may have to create a collection of single objects for inclusion in other scenes.

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