Pripyat Stairwell

Pripyat Interiors (184)


I’ve finally selected an image from my growing collection of stock photos (Photobash) and have started to recreate it in Blender. This is going to be a very back to basics exercise. Model, UV, texture, render. I’ve realized that many of the techniques I’ve been studying lately don’t really apply to my work.  Substance Designer, for example, was created to deal with a production issue – creating many similar textures quickly to suit game or film production timetables and budgets. But my work is basically one offs, with no particular constraints.

Another issue is use of displacement maps. Plain old sculpting should do the trick. Keeping my poly count does become an issue, but hopefully my new computer, if I ever get it back and working, will solve that problem. I can still use normal maps to keep things under control.

So I expect to just use the techniques I learned form Leigh van der Byl, with texturing done in Krita instead of Photoshop

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