Sculpted Tile Texture


Different approach here, from another Udemy course. Tiles are sculpted in Blender, then a height map baked for a plane from the tiles in Knald. I tried XNormal first but it only apears to create 8 bit maps whereas Knald can create 16 bit maps which I think work better for displacement. The map is reasonable tileable across a larger area, but the course continues wiith improving it in substance designer, and no doubt creating a normal map for some finer detail.

Meanwhile I’m trying to have my new computer repaired (won’t boot) but the local technician is proving elusive.


So here’s an update. I used the baseColour, roughness and normal maps from a sample concrete material in Substance Designer, with the height map that I baked from the sculpted tiles. The grout is simply a plane with a noise texture into the normal.

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