My new computer finally arrived today (technically yesterday, as it’s after midnight) and I’m feeling pretty good about where I am at the moment. Studio is now set up and I feel I’ve got a direction. I’m arting. A bit like that Zen master who used to go fishing but never baited his hook and never caught any fish. He just liked to go fishing.

I was doing yet another online course recently where the tutor advised attending lots of conferences to befriend concept artists (and other people). Finding good concept to realize is obviously a problem for many artists. It’s certainly my greatest challenge. I’m reviewing tutorials I bought many years ago that have more of a concept art focus. At the moment it’s Christian Lorenz Scheurer, a very charming Swiss concept artist and matte painter. I think he was the first one I encountered who focused on shapes and shape language. I think it’s the way forward for me. I’m even coming to terms with how these things are done in Krita. Finding good documentation is the challenge, as it is for most open source projects.

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