I find large spaces quite interesting, and big churches tend to be the best examples of this. So I’m doing a general basilica. not too complicated (not high gothic) but still with an interesting form (ie not a flat ceiling). I had to choose betwee arches and a lintel above the columns – maybe next time I’ll do arches. The windows are arched anyway.

The textures will be a challenge – the artwork in these churches tends to be colourful and detailed. I’ll have to find something appropriate. Of course not all basilicas are churches. The building type was originally a Roman public building, sort of like a town hall/courtroom. The early Christians borrowed the type for their public meetings.


So I’ve done a bit more work on the concept. I think this could work well. I’ve long avoided putting people into my scenes, although I did it for the street scene recently. Hope I can get it to work OK.

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