I’m sortof finished. Pretty happy with it actually, learned a lot especially about lighting in Blender/Cycles. However it’s not as good as it could be. Denoising has cleaned it up a lot without too many samples, but it has left some artefacts. I think the best plan would be to render it out at larger size and with more samples, maybe in layers to facilitate cleaning it up in post. Then apply my carefully honed pp skills developed for istock. I no longer have Photoshop but I can do a pretty good job with Krita. I do miss the blendif function though, especially being able to split the sliders to graduate the effect. Great for reducing noise in the shadows!

Not much interest on BA of course. It’s good actually. Being able to upload there gives a sense of finished, so I can stop obsessing about it, take a more level-headed evaluation afterwards, thinking of all the things I should have done, and then rework it as above. Finally post to ArtStation. I’ll see how that goes. BA does have a Focused Critique forum, but I don’t see a lot of useful activity there.

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