Coming Up


I’ve been down for a few days, but seem to be coming up again. So here’s a simple work with a foggy night scene and some volumetric shadows.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of imagery I want to make. The kind of art generally referred to as key concept art seems to be it. This kind of art seems to be striking in some way, often with action and/or interesting lighting. Ordinary scenes, such as my street scene, just don’t seem very interesting. This little exercise was inspired by a course on Gnomon, and I might try to work up a couple of interesting scenes with interesting lighting. A senior lighting artist from Pixar said that atmosphere is everything. At least I’m learning how to use it now.

Looks like I’ll end up with the HP Z8 after all. Joe from 13IT has possibly found a unit, and if not will build me one by upgrading a lower spec machine. He seems pretty determined to keep the sale. Pity that the BA crew have put me off it a bit – all that’s done is soured my pleasure in finally getting something I’ve wanted for a long time. I’m sure it will be a good machine though. Maybe when BTC goes up enough I can get something else as well. There’s bound to be something wonderful in a couple of years time.

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