I’ve been getting stuck on nearly everything I do, and I’ve been hunting for something nice and easy so I can keep my hand in without getting too frustrated. I settled on (another) basic course on painting with Krita. For beginners, obviously. At least I can do this much. I got my graphics tablet set up again on the table, but still struggle with organizing tablet, keyboard and mouse in a convenient configuration. Maybe a proper computer desk? Maybe a stand for the Cintiq?

Meanwhile EOS reached a price I was prepared to sell (at a small loss) so I now have liquidity for that Z8. Not sure that I need a Z8 for the work above, but I do hope to get back into 3D soon. I’ve started using Eevee a lot more, and even though it’s much faster than Cycles in rendered mode, it’s still lagging compared to Cycles in LookDev mode. Still, it does give a much better idea of what the image will actually look like than LookDev does, and that makes iteration faster. I’ve been using region renders in Cycles but even that can take a while.

Hmm, I guess the highlights in the eyes don’t match the general shading. Oh well, back to the drawing board…

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