I’m spending quite a bit of time learning to use Eevee at the moment. I have a book by Allan Brito, and also a Udemy course by Joakim Tornhill, who also has a great course on materials. I feel that with the WYSIWYG aspect of Eevee it makes scene development more intuitive. With Cycles I have to work in LookDev mode and occasionally do a region render to check results, or else to use a small preview viewport like there was in Vue, but this does slow down UI responsiveness to an annoying degree.

Eevee has limitations of course. With the street scene I was working on recently it didn’t even get close to the shadowing under the awning of the cafe, which Cycles handled very well. I’ll just have to work within those limitations I guess, and avoid situations like that in future, or maybe fix in post if necessary.

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