The Eyes Have It

I’ve been thinking about how MH treats eye textures, and decided it isn’t a mistake after all. The eye should have a transparent outer layer and a coloured inner layer, and their geometry and texturing allows that, if you use the right shaders. So I used a glass shader for the transparent areas and the regular Principled for the rest and voila, nice shiny eyes!

I’ve also been thinking about adding eye controls to my rig. I’ll basically be posing characters in the midground and background, but perhaps it’s worth it since it will be available for all characters henceforth. So far I’ve used Lee Salvemini’s foot rig, and I’ll use Nathan Vegdahl’s eye rig. I haven’t looked into FK/IK switching, but I think that might be overkill for some simple posing for static shots. Maybe sometime down the line…

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