After struggling to get into it I’ve finally become comfortable with rigging again. I’m working through an old course on DVD by Lee Salvemini, using a MakeHuman character as the model.

I had some problems with the model – I could only get obj export to work (dae worked yesterday), the entire model came in as one mesh until I checked the Group box in the import options in Blender, and the eye texture was not displaying correctly. Turned out that it had been turned in (was displaying on the inside of the eye) because the UV mapping was incorrect. I fixed it. I must remember these issues next time.

So I’ve just spent quite some time creating, naming and aligning fingers. At least I’ve come to appreciate the importance of bone roll, and how moving bones between layers makes editing so much easier. I only see the bones I’m working on. At least I’m learning something. I should be able to use this rig for any MakeHuman character so it’s worth spending a bit of time on it.

Meanwhile I splashed out on yet another course on LearnSquared. They’re expensive, but seem to be pitched a bit closer to where I’m at. This one seems pretty good so far, and I might actually be able to produce some decent work as a result. It’s about developing concept architecture, and given that my focus lately has been on built environments it seems pretty appropriate.

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