The tutorial I’ve been watching on Gnomon has an insane amount of detail in the scene. It’s Creating a Sci-Fi Alleyway by Devon Fay. He has an electronic parts stall in the foreground, with shelves, boxes and baskets full of small items. He admits that some of the components he made for previous projects, and I guess if he’s a professional modeller he’s been making stuff for years. Be nice to have a decent library of components I can call on. One of the reasons I bought a couple of kits to kick-start the process. I must hunt through them to see if I can find some useful air conditioners and the like to use elsewhere.


So here’s my scene. I was getting a bit discouraged by the prospect of having to model a lot of stuff, but decided to keep this one a bit simpler. That’s a hardware shop right midground, so I’ve put a couple of baskets outside at least. Fortunately I remembered that there’s a rattan material comes with Substance Designer so I was able to create the necessary textures for those. I might be relying heavily on SD I think. I’m not making a huge amount of progress with procedural materials in Cycles, and SD has definitely got more options. Can’t use procedurally unfortunately, have to output as image textures.

I’m afraid boredom is going to be my enemy in this work, although I enjoyed reworking the house left foreground. Maybe it won’t be so bad. At least with the boredom I’m a bit less obsessive about the whole thing.

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