Rewards of Virtue

Someone asked a question on BA yesterday about how to texture (with images) a large number of objects without having to UV unwrap them all. Someone suggested using generated texture coordinates, and I replied that object would be better to get a consistent scale. Which of course is the solution to my own problem – texturing an object so that the texture is independent of the size of the object. I just hadn’t thought that one doesn’t need to UV map an image texture.

Image textures have so much detail, and correct real-world detail, that is so hard to achieve with procedural textures. I don’t really have a problem with UV unwrapping things, but couldn’t see how that would work with parametric models that can change size and position of details (like door position in a wall).

So I might be putting the parametric models and the procedural materials aside for a while, despite the amount of time I’ve spent on them on the past few weeks. I just need to get something out.

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