Rethinking, Rethinking,…

I’ve decided to put the parametric aspect of my models aside for the moment. Just focus on what objects I need in the kind of scene I’m intending to create. Doing it parametrically just creates extra problems at the start.

So, street scene. Obviously some kind of road. Buildings on either side. Maybe sidewalks. Then set dressing of various kinds – light poles, pipes, wires, rubbish bins, etc. I’ll be working to a grid so I can create modular assets. I’m inspired here by the texturing workshop I did with Leigh van der Byl a while back, and also the prevalence of back alley scenes on various CG forums.

Developing my own textures will take a while, so I might do significant overpainting at the outset. I haven’t used my Cintiq much lately, so perhaps time to connect it up again. If EOS goes up a bit more I might sell it and buy that Z8 too. No hurry though.

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