The Plan

I think I’m in a position to start the long-term project I’ve had in mind for a while. I plan to concentrate on a single scenario and develop appropriate parametric models with procedural materials so that I can create an instance of that scenario fairly quickly. I’ve decided on the street scene, like the back alley I started on a while back. I think I’ll work on the actual street first, so time to do a bit of planning for appropriate parameters.

Ultimately I don’t think procedural materials will be quite good enough for a finished result, so I plan to do a bit of overpainting, particularly for what Leigh van der  Byl calls motivated detail.

First job is to review the book on Parametric modelling by Allan Brito that I bought a while back. The concept is easy but there are a couple of approaches (hooks vs shape keys) and I’m not clear on which technique is best to use in a given situation.

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