Another Sci Fi Scene


This uses the same kit as the last one. Plus an xFrog tree. I really enjoy this kind of work. However the kit models are just a bit too clean and low poly. I’m thinking that I need to go back to doing something like that texturing workshop I did with Leigh van der Byl, but use some of these elements to set up the initial scene. I’ve also been rewatching David Revoy’s Blend and Paint tutorial, which is also about overpainting renders.

I’ve posted this and the last one to the Finished Projects forum on BA instead of to my Sketchbook thread. I think the time has come to start working towards finished artworks. So far I’ve got some traction, 50 or so views, 3 or 4 likes on each. It’s a good start. My goal is to get an image featured by the end of the coming year, and after that to regularly get featured. I think it’s doable.

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