I’ve been working with my recent purchases from KitBash3D lately, mostly rendering each model so I’ve got a kind of catalogue of assets. It’s a long job, but at least it gives me some ideas for actual scenes, like the one above using models from the Brutalist kit. I guess a few people and vehicles would make the scene more interesting.

I’ve been learning a bit about file management in Blender too. These kits are pretty big and the last one I bought (Dark Fantasy) I can’t even load on my Linux box because it crashes Blender. I can load it on the Metabox, but the time for a new workstation if fast approaching. Lusting after that HP Z8 of course. Maybe it BTC goes up enough…


I spent a bit more time on this, and am quite happy with the result. In fact I posted it to BA under the Finished Works category – the first I think, in more than 10 years.

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