Another Proof of Concept


The plan for creating environments now is to do some previs in the Armory game engine and then finding the best spot to render from. I’ve got the demo third person shooter running, deleted a few assets I don’t want, and added a cube that I do want (it could be anything really) and textured it using a stencil technique that I’ve just discovered on Udemy.

So instead of modelling the assets I add, even low poly, I can add primitives and texture them appropriately. Even planes for background layers like mountains. Basically a really low poly version of the matte painters workflow. Having a set of stencils should make the process fairly quick.

I don’t really need the character to have a gun but it’s got good movement controls (WASD + mouse to face direction) and I can’t really be bothered at the moment getting an unarmed model to replace it. It’s a while since I’ve animated anything.

Anyway, now the rubber hits the road. Having worked out a workflow, I need to do a bit of workflowing and actually produce something. What excuse can I find? The lawn needs mowing, the hedges need trimming.

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