I sought advice on BlenderArtists about a suitable game engine for simple previs for a game level, and was advised to look at Armory. This is fully integrated with Blender, it’s only 3D so I don’t have to wade through a whole lot of 2D stuff just to get acquainted with the engine, like I do for Godot, and it comes with nice simple examples and a programming language (Haxe) that’s very like Java or C#. Plus I can use logic nodes if I want!

Getting an animated character to work might be a challenge, but really all I need is something (a cube even) that can move, can’t go through walls and floors, and has a camera attached. When I achieve that I’ll probably go back to the Game Level Design course I was doing on Udemy and try out the examples.

It’s a very indirect way to develop environments, but I feel confident that it can produce interesting results faster than any way I’ve tried already. Sort of build it as you go and see what you end up with. I’m hoping the game engine process will give it some immediacy and dynamism. I quite enjoyed using Unity many years ago, even building simple stuff. Anyway, finding left field solutions to problems (in this case the problem of inspiration) is one of my talents. Hope it produces results here.

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