More Compositing


I tried to add the foreground trees to an image the same way I did yesterday – with the image as an image node in the compositor, and using ObjectID to mask out the trees to layer over the top. However it didn’t work too well – the leaves of this tree are much finer than the one I used yesterday and that was giving me some problems.

So this time I imported the background as in image plane. I used an emission shader so that it wouldn’t respond to scene lighting, as it already looked the way I wanted. So I didn’t have to mask the trees as they were simply in front of the image plane in the scene.

Matching the colours was a bit of a problem. The trees in the plate are a little yellowish, whereas the Western Red Cedars (probably not appropriate for this scene) are much greener. Anyway I discovered (via YouTube of course) how to isolate the actual leaf material to colour correct it in the compositor. Very handy. I think the result is much better integrated.

I did a bit of clean up work on the plate as well. A few people and a truck didn’t quite give the feel I was after. Used GIMP for that. So I’m slowly developing my matte painting skills, although I don’t plan on doing any camera moves so a lot of the work matte painters do isn’t really relevant to me. I’d call myself a concept artist but that sounds pretty pretentious. How about just an artist. Amateur artist.

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