Some years ago I posted some work to CGSociety gallery, but didn’t get any interest. Lots of professionals post to that site. So I’ve tended to stick to sites devoted to the software I’m using – Blender and Vue – which are smaller communities. I had some interaction with Vue users until that site went down. I’ve never had much interest on BlenderArtists. Few people there are into landscapes.

Anyway, I’m hoping to actually get fairly good at 3D landscapes now that I have a bit of time to devote to it. So I bit the bullet and created an account on Artstation, a site that is really intended for professionals to promote their work. Lo and behold I’ve already got some interest in the couple of images I’ve posted. Admittedly they are my best work to date. Still, it’s good to know that my best is passable. Just need to make more like it.

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