XFrog Grass


Here’s some grass I made in XFrog following a tutorial by Jan Walter Schliep, who made quite a few of the plant assets for Vue. It’s turned out pretty well, and I don’t even have variations here. Not quite sure how easy it is to make variations in XFrog, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

It’s just turned September here, first day of Spring. I must admit the weather today (or yesterday, as it’s after midnight) was pretty nice. Maybe a bit too nice. I’m wondering how hot it’s going to get in summer.

I think I’m working out a general approach to my art. Feng Zhu commented in one of his videos that a painter can get in more features than a photographer usually can, simply because the real world doesn’t conveniently compose all features in an area into one frame, but a painter can take liberties. Then I’ve been watching a tutorial by Aaron Limonick where he takes a photo with a decent composition and ‘improves’ it by altering the proportions, position and form of important details. Once again, taking liberties. Then there was the workshop I did with Simon Scales on Environment Design where he recommended finding reference on all the features you would like in your image, then compose them all into a single image. Taking a few more liberties.

So the general idea here seems to be that you can start with something that’s close to what you want, and then improve on it. As an exercise I’ve been looking at a few photos in my reference collection and then ‘improving’ them simple changes such as cropping or adding in features to get a better composition. All the while bearing in mind the compositional schemes outlined by Edgar Payne in his book ‘Compostiion of Outdoor Painting’. The Rule of Thirds is so overrated!

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