More Mountain Scenery


Another mountain scene. Found a better material for the terrian from the CliffHangers collection. Added clouds for drama but they do push up the render time quite a bit. Plus a separate foreground terrain so that it didn’t take too long to render the grass, and a couple of hazel shrubs to give interest, perspective and scale.

I’m re-reading Dax Pandhi’s book Realism in Vue. Lot’s of good ideas of course, he does know how to create stunning terrains. Re watching a few tutorials by other instructors too. Have now upgraded the latest World Machine to the Pro version. I guess it didn’t cost too much.

Another Mountain

WM Mountain

This was going to be a material study, but I quite like it as is, just using the default Vue material. I created the terrain in World Machine and I think this is a better result than the last couple. I found a good workflow for this kind of scene in a tutorial on Udemy.

A Different Angle

Alpine Scene 02

A different angle on my WM terrain. Also different material. This is a standard Vue terrain material, don’t really like it all that much. I’m reviewing Vladimir Chopine’s tutorials on Materials at the moment, so hope to come up with something a little better. The last one I used was a bit too procedural looking.

I’m enjoying getting back into terrrain production. Keeps me interested.

It’s Been a While

Alpine Scene

I haven’t done any computer graphics since Cornucopia3D closed down about the time of my last post. However I’m retired now, with a bit of time on my hands, so I decided to spend a bit of time with World Machine and Vue. This terrain comes courtesy of World Machine, and material and atmosphere (and rendering) courtesy of Vue. Material is not so great but the terrain is nice. I like World Machine. Unfortunately in updating to the lastest version I went from the Pro version to the Standard version without realizing it, and now can’t reinstall the older Pro version which allows multiple windows on multiple monitors. I’m not sure the new features are worth it, in fact I don’t even know what they are. Silly me.

I don’t have my Adobe subscription any more either, so colour adjustment was done in GIMP. I decided to move to an open source workflow, but World Machine and Vue are not supported by Linux as far as I know. The best laid plans…

Not sure how much more of this I’ll do again. I don’t have any outlet for it now except for this blog. Still, it helps to pass the time.