That Workshop Again

flat render

About a year ago I started looking again at a workshop I did in 2013 on Environment Texturing. Here I am looking at it again, this time to try out the texturing in Mari instead of in Photoshop. I didn’t get very far last time. I think I was just trying out Cycles for rendering. This time I plan on using Vue for that.

So we start with a flattish render – not so easy to achieve in Vue actually. Idea is to create a moodboard by painting over some colours. Even that I could do in Mari I guess. The free version of Mari doesn’t handle all the objects in this scene, limit of 5. Still, no reason I can’t do one at a time. Or just a paintover.


So here’s a bit of colour. I’ve been looking through a favourite book, The Most Beautiful Villages of Provence, and chosen some typical colours. So many houses don’t have paint at all, just bare rock. Rendered in Vue with some grunge added in Photoshop.

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