First Pass


Spent some time on the shop on the left. Getting more familiar with selections, masking, layer organization, etc.  All the basic stuff that I don’t have to even think about in Photoshop.

So this is rendered in Vue. Everything has just a procedural colour set in Vue except the aforementioned shop that has a diffuse texture painted in Mari. Plus I assigned a glass material in Vue to the windows and door.

The diffuse texture is just a few flat colours at this stage. Lots of grunge needed. Most of the houses/shops in my Provence book look like they haven’t had any maintenance for fifty years. Lots of scope for detail. I think the texture painter’s motto must surely be Break it Up.


I like the mood of this one. I think the orange works better than the pink. And using an actual atmosphere of course, gives it a bit of atmosphere. I like where this is going. Made some small modifications to the models too, that I think work better.

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