Axe, by Mari


Finally back to some CG work. I discovered there’s a free version of Mari and the restrictions don’t seem too onerous, so I’m giving it a go. Texturing is the part of CG I like the best, and as I’ve decided to include more models in my scenes, particularly architecture, I’ll be doing a lot of texturing. The biggest problem with purchased assets from Cornucopia is the quality of the textures.

This axe is not meant to demonstrate high quality of course, just a starting point. At least I’m doing something. Mari is a bit strange in that even if the ‘scene’ consists of quite distinct objects, as here, they all share the same texture space when texturing, so I need to lay out the UVs appropriately for that.

I seem to be paying subscriptions on quite a few tutorial sites. At least now I’m able to  make some use of them. Currently working through Up and Running with Mari Non-Commercial on Pluralsight. Unfortunately all these people assume you’re using Maya for modelling, and talk about Maya features that don’t really apply to Blender. Maybe when I get going with Modo it might be more applicable.

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