World Machine


I find it much easier to select an interesting area of an infinite terrain in World Machine than in Vue – the viewport is a lot easier to see what’s actually happening. Also the devices (nodes) are a bit more intuitive than the Vue versions. So I created this terrain and selected a suitable area in WM, and exported a heighmap and also deposit map (after implementing some erosion) and set this up in Vue. I still can’t find/create a good rock material for rocks this scale, so I’ve composited photos of cliffs over the top. In the workshop I did with Scott Brisbane on Matte Painting in Vue he said he did the same thing in Kung Fu Panda. So I suppose tthis qualifies as a matte painting. ¬†Compositionally I was looking at the overall pattern and various symmetries. I guess there’s a suggestion of the L scheme as well.

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