I guess I’m done with this. I could do more but I need to get on with other things (such as work). I’m actually pretty pleased with the changes I made and the result is quite nice I think.

Using custom rocks increases the possibilities a lot. These weren’t hard to do – rough shaping in Blender and working over a bit in ZBrush. Finding a good material is a bit of a challenge. This one came from Quadspinner’s Material Development Kit.

Forest Path


Rough block-in for my new work. Lots of rocks in this one, and thinking of the best way to do them. I think I’ll have to model and then sculpt in ZBrush. If I use a displacement material in Vue than the layers of soil and grass sitting on top don’t conform to the surface very well.

My inspiration for this is a painting by Ivan Shishkin, a Russian landscape painter of the 19th century. There are figures in the original but I think I’ll leave them out of my version. The light is very nice though, so I’ll try to capture that if I can.

Down to Business


I’ve decided to start making ‘final’ images instead of just studies all the time. Spend a bit of time, several weeks maybe, on each one until I get it as good as I can. So this is just an initial block-in for my latest work. Plenty of work to be done.