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Training in use of software is always an important (and difficult) issue for me. At the moment I’m exploring the use of procedural terrains to create interesting environments in Vue. The idea is to let the software do most of the work.

In Vue there are various training resources available, but somehow I always feel that I’m missing something, that there’s something that most trainers just take for granted. I picked up a new title on terrains by Nicholas Pellegrini (AsileFX) yesterday, and am currently reviewing infinite terrains (as above). I hadn’t realized that one needs to uncheck clipping of objects below ground/sea in the  options when using these, although I probably should have realized that some of the display issues were related to clipping. Also discovered that one can increase the quality of procedural terrains with a Quality Boost button in the terrain editor. Pretty obvious really, if you know where to look.

The  tutorial series is current – same version of Vue as I’m using. There actually are a few new and useful features I wasn’t aware of, ability to edit heightfield terrains in the function editor being one of them, with a few nodes specific to that type of terrain. Also, I find Nic fairly easy to listen to – always an issue with video tutorials.

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