Where to?

Having spent time with infinite terrains, and the overall goal of simplified concept development, I’m not sure that’s actually the direction I want to go. The whole thing of images telling a story, and stories being about people, is certainly very attractive. However i’ts not working for me. My love as a photographer was always landscape and nature, not people. I think it’s time to abandon this little experiment and go back to what I really enjoy doing.

Default Infinite Terrain


Inspired by a tutorial I’ve been looking at on LearnSquared, I’m exploring ways of getting images up quickly. At the moment I’m taking a close look at infinite terrain presets in Vue. This is the default infinite terrain, can’t get more basic than that. I’ve modified the fractal slightly, seeing how much difference it makes. Also interesting to deconstruct these presets.

So here’s another variation. So many possibilities.




Doing a tutorial by Vladimir Chopine. He does this kind of scene rather well. I’ts pretty simple, but getting the clouds and lighting right is a bit tricky. Reminds me how much CG artists love ‘atmosphere’.

And Another


I used the variable roughness fractal for this one. Tried to make the foreground a little more interesting than usual. And find a nice atmosphere. This one is Cordoba I think. Spent a bit of time tweaking materials.