I’m considering moving to Modo for my content creation. Here’s a render of a demo scene in the trial version that I downloaded this morning.

I’ve been getting very frustrated trying to get camera projection to work in Blender, as it seems to be a very useful tool in current matte painting workflows. I can get the projection to work, and model against the projected image, but baking the texture to the final model is just not working for me, and is a necessary part of the process. I’ve seen some videos of the same process in Modo and it seems much better.

Of course, Modo costs. Not as much as Maya but still expensive. I really need to consider whether I’m going to keep doing this 3D stuff. I have felt a lot happier since I picked it up again, was very depressed for a few months last semester.



I always seem to be working on my process. I’m trying to settle on a workflow that produces good results consistently, without taking too much time.

This image has a photo of a cottage camera-mapped to an alpha-plane. Plus a grass ecosystem. I could composite the cottage and the grass in Photoshop, but I feel that this way gives better integration and deals with the lighting, e.g. the shadow cast by the cotage onto the grass.

Another advantage is that I don’t have to spend time modelling and texturing a cottage. It might be worth modelling some basic geo for some assets,  but that shouldn’t take too long. This is essentially the matte painting workflow that is used in cinema, where animated camera moves  require a 2.5D approach with pre-rendered components to minimise render times. I’m not animating, but have other reasons to use camera-mapping.

Double, Double Toil and Trouble…


Definitely happier to be back into some CG work. Trying to find the balance – enough to keep me happy but not spending more time on it than I can afford. Behoves me to work efficiently. Mostly working on my approach to art here – what subject, what tools, what goals, etc.

And here’s another…


Doing a little Matte Painting

Alien Landscape

I need to do some CG work – helps keep me sane. Here’s a matte painting inspired by a tutorial I’ve been doing. Pretty rough at this stage, not sure if I’ll take it further. Usual process – a little painting, a little rendering, a little photobashing, a lot of compositing.