Finally got to this stage with the pillar. Not final yet, but certainly coming along. Substance Painter is actually a pretty amazing piece of software. Having finally got my head around that (and Substance Designer) after having them sitting idle on my computer for a year should make a huge difference to the quality of my work.

More Bricks


I think I’ve solved most of my problems with bricks. The techniques I learned in the Photogrammetry workshop certainly helped here. I’ll do a couple of variations and then I had better move on to the pillar. With a bit of luck I will mostly catch up this weekend.

Long Way Round

I’ve been struggling with baking normals lately. Tried Blender, xNormal, Knald and Substance Designer. Seems that Substance Designer is the only one that doesn’t give me artefacts. However I seemed to be losing some detail with that, but Nate Stevens says that the red matcap material in ZBrush appears to give more detail than you really get in the model, so perhaps that is the source of ‘loss of detail’. Also the noisemaker I used in ZBrush seemed to give strange artefacts as well, so lots of traps.

With all this kerfuffle I missed my homework deadline last week. And now I’ve got lots of work to do, marking assignments. Hope I can catch up fairly quickly. Hope I’ve got the workflow sorted. I hope.

Vue Version


Set up a small scene in Vue. Mustn’t take the attitude that ‘near enough is good enough’. Serious work on UV maps needed, plus additional sculpting. Hope I don’t get bored with it before completing it properly. Anyway, the actual gateway is still to be done. These are just extra supporting pillars from my original scene.