Course starts Monday. Also my classes, but that’s another story. I think I’m expecting a bit too much from the course – I’ve got some idea what’s wrong with most of my work, or at least some of the things that are wrong with it, but not sure if I’ll actually be able to address them.

Environment art in games tends to be very detailed. Insane amount of modelling and texturing required. I’m hoping to learn how to do that efficiently, so that one person can actually create something interesting, but I have a suspicion that it takes a lot of time or a lot of people, or both. Anyway, I’m giving it a go. Working on the handicap.

I’ve given this a bit more thought, and don’t really expect to learn anything new. I’ve already got a decent skill set. Hoping for some inspiration I guess, a bit of focus. Not sure I’ll get that.

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