Cement Render


I spent some time today making my own cement render texture. Here’s the result in Vue, with added moss. Some more finesse needed, the shape of the bottom of the plaster doesn’t look too believable. Still, this could be a useful asset. I’m quite happy with progress.

The course doesn’t have the amount of activity that some of my previous courses have had. Not many people posting work (except for final homework), few comments. It’s a bit disappointing really, although I am getting quite a lot out of it. I certainly feel a lot more confident with Substance Designer than I did before.



Did the bricks in Substance Designer. Andres explained the process very well, so even though the final graph was pretty complex I understood each part of it.

I decided to do the plaster as a separate object. Texture here is just a placeholder. Plus a Vue ecosystem of moss painted over the top. I’m very happy with progress so far.

Substance Designer

Spending time reviewing a training course I have on Substance Designer by Jason Maranto. It was made for version 2.1 and we’re now up to 5.6, but the basics haven’t changed much. All the PBR stuff is new of course, but actually creating the texture network is the same.

Andres spent some time creating a ground texture in the first week’s tutorials, with promise of more to come, and it’s clear that Substance Designer is going to play a pretty important role in the whole process. I’ve been through the tutes once before, so hopefully won’t take too long to get right up to speed.